Monday 3rd January

What should turn up this morning, but the two pillowcases that I lost just before I went back to the UK. I thought that they might have fallen onto the patio of the flat beneath me, and whilst I was leaning over to get a better look, I noticed that they were in fact on the floor of my balcony, lodged between the fence and the power box for my heater/AC unit/complete and utter waste of time and space. I am unsure as to why I only decided to check here after having splashed out on some new pillowcases yesterday, but at least I now have some spares. Naturally I am fuming at my complete incompetence, but in the spirit of my New Year’s resolution to get less stressed by inconsequential matters beyond my control; I am trying to show restraint. However, I smile through gritted teeth.

Warning: eating Sukiyaki like a pig will make you sick.

This evening my friend Sarah invited me to a New Year’s party in Meguro. It was being held by a friend from her Frisbee team, who had an absolutely beautiful apartment, and the fact that the walk in wardrobe was roughly the size of my kitchen didn’t leave me feeling dead inside what-so-ever. Along with drinks and chat we had Sukiyaki, which is thinly sliced beef slowly cooked or simmered with vegetables and other ingredients, and which is normally dipped in a raw egg before eating. Owing to that fact that the last time I ate Sukiyaki I was physically ill, I decided against the egg this time, although on reflection the last time that I had Sukiyaki I did also eat so much meat that I began to sweat jus. Thankfully there was to be no evacuation of the meal this evening, and I had a great time, before heading home to my Spartan apartment, and the decadent luxury of my spare set of pillowcases.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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