Friday 7th January

Today it became apparent just how cold Tokyo is going to get this winter, as on several occasions I lost the feelings from my hands completely. I began to speculate if this is what leprosy was like, as I stumbled with my washing using hands that were there, but only as a cumbrance. Thankfully I had my kotatsu to warm me when I was in the house, and using a tip that I am sure I picked up from some televised tramps, I continually warmed my hands on the naked flame of my stoven. I also drank enough coffee to keep me up for the next month, simply so that I could keep holding something warm.

A birthday ‘treat’!

Given the weather it was therefore essential that I wrapped up warm when I went to my friend Sarah’s birthday party this evening. Tights, shorts, a dress shirt and the obligatory Friday night bow tie were thus accompanied by a cardigan and long coat. Sadly this did nothing but give the impression that I was wearing nothing underneath but a pair of suspenders; I still bloody froze. The party was at pizza restaurant in Naka Meguro, which allegedly boasted the world’s number one pizza chef. The pizza menu was not in English, Japanese, or Italian, but the food was excellent, and the company delightful. I had a great evening chatting to  bunch of Japanese girls, and feel as though I acquitted myself reasonably well, the subject of apples never once straying near to the conversation. I was also informed that Kyoto is much colder than Tokyo; smashing! The meal was brought to an end with a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’, and a special birthday pizza. Special being the operative word, combing as it did: ice cream, chocolate, lemon, tomatoes and basil. Much like the menu this dish was not English, Japanese, or Italian, but somehow it felt right. The taste on the other hand…



About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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