Thursday 20th January

I find that I waste a good five minutes every morning wrestling with the thought of wearing tights or not. If it wasn’t for the sub-zero temperatures and the fact that I only have one pair of shorts, it would definitely be on a daily basis; however, these additional complications mean that I have to carefully select the one (or at a push) two days of the week on which I can wear my favourite garment of clothing. Today, after much consideration, I opted instead for a safe pair of smart grey jeans. As this choice was a purely temperature based decision, I have to say that because of events that transpired today, I owe the freezing cold weather an apology, as I may in the past of been rather unfair about it.

And here is Onoe Matsuya II demonstrating ‘crying with a low pitched voice’, or was it ‘shame with a high pitched voice’? I always get those two confused.

This evening Richard and attended an event entitled ‘Onnagata: Behind the Transformation’. Onnagata is the art of a male playing a female role in Kabuki (one of the classical forms of Japanese theatre, in which no females participate), and this particular event was to be a discussion with the prominent Kabuki actor Onoe Matsuya II, a specialist in the art of Onnagata. The fact that we arrived late and had to walk into the middle of the room to find a seat, was only tempered by the fact that we were horrifically underdressed, being the only males in the room not wearing a suit. I quickly took off my leather jacket and buttoned up my cowboy shirt, whilst thanking the arctic conditions that at least I was not wearing tights. After a short while we were asked to move, as it transpired that we were sitting in Onoe Matsuya II and his family’s seats. Thankfully we had entered the room so covertly that this was barely noticed. The whole evening should have been a shambles, but instead it was a fascinating insight into the world of Kabuki, we met some great people, and Matsuya-san even invited us backstage to one of his performances. I can’t help thinking that the evening might have gone slightly differently had I turned up in a pair of burgundy tights though.



About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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One Response to Thursday 20th January

  1. harj says:

    Sam. Please please please always opt for the smart trousers…

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