Sunday 23rd January

Earlier in the week I had managed to find the opening times for my local Sento, and so am now finally aware of the fact that it doesn’t open until 4 pm. Armed with this piece of information, it was with great joy that I headed to this king of bath houses in the early evening, with the sole purpose of getting myself warm. For once there were absolutely no misfortunes during my time there, and even though I spotted the chap who had previously warned me regarding my over-vigorous washing, I managed to make myself into a tiny little ball and conservatively apply water to my body one drop at a time whenever he was looking over. Thankfully he didn’t see me cutting my toe nails, as no doubt this would have resulted in my deportation.

What this packaging should, but almost certainly does not, say: ‘Not fit for human (or duck) consumption.’

Upon leaving the Sento I stopped off in one of the combinis (convenience stores) to buy myself a snack; opting for something which appeared to be dried out raspberries, and was both low in calories and yen, I made my purchase and set off home. Upon opening the packet I was dismayed to see that each of the ‘raspberries’ had been hermetically sealed in an individual plastic wrapper; the waste that goes into most of the packaging over here is quite frankly disgusting. However, my metaphorical disgust was soon to be displaced by a literal and quite severe nausea as I bit into the treat. I have absolutely no idea what they were, but suffice to say they were definitely not raspberries. In fact they were so vulgar that I didn’t even give them to the ducks opposite my house, worried that I might wake up tomorrow to find them dead, having choked on their own vomit.



About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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