Transitive Cooling and a Set of Cutlery in Her Hair: Monday 9th May

Today I made the foolish mistake of dressing like it was summer. As it was a beautiful day, it wasn’t so much the weather that made me curse my wardrobe selection, as my body’s continued insistence that I am living inside a freezer. In class, when asking for the air-con to be turned off, I succeeded only having it turned up to the max; there really is nothing like a morning spent in arctic conditions to brush up on one’s transitive verbs. I would have said something, but the plummeting temperatures meant that raising my hand became something of a challenge.

I have no idea why she is looking so glum, as this is definitely a look that is working for her.

Also in class today we discussed things that had shocked us since arriving in Japan, which gave me the opportunity to show everyone a photo that I had taken yesterday. Richard and I were getting on the Yamanote line at Shibuya when who should walk past, but a girl with purple hair, bright pink tights, and a set of cutlery in her hair. Whilst I have been guilty of the odd garish tight wearing moment, I am yet to wake up and feel the urgent need to empty the contents of my kitchen utensil drawer into my hair. As that draw currently contains a potato peeler and a butcher’s knife (but still no forks) that can only be seen as a very good thing.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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