Treading Water in a Vat of Treacle and a Bike Ride With Jehovah: Wednesday 11th May

Another day, another prolonged period of what felt like treading water in a vat of treacle. Just when I feel as though I am starting to get to grips with Japanese, along comes a listening exercise that was clearly conceived as some form of medieval torture. Allegedly, this chap from Peru worked in a hotel at night, and so found the lack of daylight to be confusing. I had somehow managed to interpret this as ‘some bloke works somewhere, and enjoys looking at the sun, but not for prolonged periods, as he is worried about loosing his eyesight.’ Not a million miles away, but certainly more than 999,998.

If this isn’t motivation for improving my Japanese reading comprehension, then I don’t know what is.

This evening, as I was playing my guitar, there came a knock at my door. As I was not expecting visitors, and the playing of instruments is specifically forbidden in my contract, I feared the worst. Imagine my surprise therefore when I opened the door to find a Jehovah Witness, brandishing a copy of ‘The Watchtower’, or at least its Japanese equivalent. We talked at length, in Japanese, about why I was in Japan, and I tried to tell him that whilst I was looking for a new church I wasn’t a Mormon. After realising my mistake in the nomenclature of his religion, I told him that I would read his pamphlet and have a bit of a think. I am pretty certain that I used the Japanese adverb that implied there was only a very slight possibility (1-2%) of me going to one of their services, but he kept mentioning a bicycle and next Wednesday evening. As I don’t particularly want to take a tandem to a Japanese Jehovah Witness meeting, I might well have to make Wednesdays my new ‘let’s stay out of the house until at least 11pm day’ for the foreseeable future.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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4 Responses to Treading Water in a Vat of Treacle and a Bike Ride With Jehovah: Wednesday 11th May

  1. Rabbit says:

    I’m so lucky. They haven’t found my new house yet.

  2. Harumi says:

    They are really “Shitukoi”. You need to tell them “NO!” one day.

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