Birdsong on the Brain and a Fairly Glazed Set of Eyes: Thursday 19th May

In school today we were asked to discuss things that had recently been weighing on our minds. I thought this a good time to play the recording that I had made of the birdsong that wakes me up every morning, but sadly I could not get it to work. Thankfully the rest of the class were on hand to take up the mantle, and our poor teacher was thus presented with a range of news stories from around the globe, ranging from a child being posted to a women being decapitated in a supermarket. Given that the original example that had been given by the textbook was the announcements that one hears at the train station, it is fair to say that we went pretty far off script; our teacher looked like he needed to lie down afterwards, and not just as a result of my grammar, which is normally the case.

A bountiful feast. As you can see I was dressed for the occasion.

This evening I had a dinner date with my downstairs neighbour, Kinno-san. I am now less convinced that he is my landlord, than a lovely old man who (for some unfathomable reason) enjoys spending time with me. He came round earlier in the afternoon to say that he would be arriving at around 8pm with Sushi. There was an awful moment when I thought that maybe he had meant for me to get the sushi, but thankfully he turned up with dinner and my blushes were saved. We had a very pleasant evening, chatting about a variety of subjects from ‘pushy sales clerks’ to ‘the difficulties faced by old people living in Higashimatsubara’, with fruit and veg only getting one solitary mention throughout the course of the evening. I can’t wait until I actually understand more than about 20% of what is being said to me, and I am sure that Kinno-san is also looking forward to the day when his questions elicit more of a response than a fairly glazed set of eyes. At the end of the evening he said something about early tomorrow morning. It was either: please wake up me before you go for a jog; or, if you were to wake me up that early then I would be very displeased. Call me a coward, but I’m going to tempt fate and go for the later.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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