Talking to the Clock and Winning ‘The Lottery’: Tuesday 14th June

Yet more fun was to be had in class today, as we continued our exploration of the Japanese psyche. The sample text that we are currently working on details the tragic account of a woman who lost her husband in an aeroplane accident, leaving her only with the watch that he felt was a constant reminder of his detestable lifestyle. Quite why this topic was deemed to be the most useful for exploring new grammar points I don’t know, but it’s hardly the most uplifting of experiences. Towards the end of the passage I was having real difficulty with some of the contextual layout of the piece, which is not surprising considering that the women was directing part of her monologue towards the watch of her deceased husband. Unsurprisingly the only aspect of this narrative that came as a surprise to the Asian students in the class was my lack of comprehension.

I’ve got a golden purple ticket!

Also in class today, I found out that I had won the lottery! Not the state sponsored, millionaire-making lottery, but the ‘JLPT3 practice test lottery’. That’s right, I am one of the lucky Gaijin that have been randomly selected to sit the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 (JLPT3) for five hours this coming Sunday; whoop and indeed whoop! I don’t know what my classmates were more shocked about: the fact that I was genuinely excited by the prospect; or my explanation of using a carving knife (the only type of knife which I could actually remember) to sharpen pencils in my youth.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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