My Sleeping Manifesto and Park Life: Monday 4th July

Whilst the humidity and temperature of my apartment is still pretty much unbearable, I have at least finally worked out a strategy that affords me the opportunity of something approaching sleep. My sleeping manifesto begins by leaving the fan blowing full force in my face, this is quite loud but generally I am so exhausted from the heat that I drift off without noticing it, although planes and cruise-liners have been definitely been more prominent in my dreams as of late. After about two hours I am awoken by the heat of hades, and so go and stand in front of my fridge/freezer with both compartments open, whilst I rub ice over my body and drink 500ml to a litre of ice-cold water. After refilling the water and ice tray, this process is repeated throughout the rest of the night. It’s not the most convenient of routines, but it seems to do the trick until morning, when the unrivalled delights of a freezing cold shower ease me into the rest of the day.

Some prime real estate.

The upside of this heat wave is that once one gets outside the weather is glorious! Tokyo seems to have had the mildest rainy season on record, with the 30-degree heat and cool breeze meaning that conditions outside are infinitely preferable to those inside my apartment. The upshot of which is that I have taken to spending a lot more time in my local park. So far I have restricted this to reading and exercising, but I imagine that studying and writing will soon follow suit, and surely it can’t be long before I start taking my meals out there. In fact, if things don’t go as planned with the repairman tomorrow afternoon, I can well imagine that I might have to find a nice comfy bench and bed down for the night. I only hope that the winos are accepting of my teetotal lifestyle.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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