An Unwanted Discount and Yoga vs. Yoda: Saturday 9th July

Sometimes I find myself fabricating situations so that I can try out new vocab on the unsuspecting general public. Such an occurrence happened this afternoon when I purchased a train ticket, purposefully purchasing one of a lower value than was required, so that I could test out the word for ‘remaining ticket fair’.  However when I went to the guard and asked to pay the ‘unchinbusoku’ he refused to take any money from me and simply waved me through the barriers with a smile and a wave. How am I supposed to practice my bleeding Japanese under such conditions!

I think I may need a new knife, and perhaps also a new pineapple.

A funny thing happened in today’s Yoga class: I went the whole hour and a half without hearing my name. In fact, aside from the fact that I was given my usual Yoga training aids, for once I actually felt on a par with the rest of the class.  Given, I was still the least able student, but at least I demonstrated that there was a good reason for my continued failure (i.e. my lack of anything approaching flexibility), and that it wasn’t just because I am slightly simple. Having said that, I worry that my lack of pose, balance, flexibility and ability to breathe rhythmically, may be having a profound effect on our Sensei, as today she started telling us how important yoga was in relation to the Star Wars Universe. Perhaps I had misheard her, but rather I fear that such behaviour is indicative of my unfailing ability to wear down the mental resolve of anyone who has the misfortune of teaching me; at any rate she seemed very happy when we said goodbye to me for another week.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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2 Responses to An Unwanted Discount and Yoga vs. Yoda: Saturday 9th July

  1. Mike says:

    When I did yoga, I needed the little blocks, too. Most beginner guys do. The woman beside me would be putting her head between her legs I was stuck at a 90 degree angle, but nobody every bugged me–it’s about gradual improvement. Over just 3 sessions my instructor told me I’d improved a lot, even though I couldn’t see it myself. Nobody’s looking at you and thinking, “Geez, that guy sucks.” Of course, thinking so does let you have fun writing angsty and frustrated blog posts… 😉

    • truehamlet says:


      You would make such a great life coach! Yeah, I am definitely starting to improve a little, I just need to find time to practice by myself now as well. Thankfully my Sensei is the most patient woman in the world!

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