At the Mercy of the Rumour Mill and the Magic of Castanets: Monday 18th July

This morning we awoke to a cloudy horizon and the prospect of a typhoon. I also discovered first hand that nothing travels faster than a rumour through a campsite full of Gaijin, and I confess that I was rather taken by the one concerning the cancellation of the 10:55 ferry, with the 07:30 boat being the only way off the island for the next three days. By the time I had showered, packed, and run the 3km to the campsite with my camping pack I was fairly vexed, not to mention incredibly sweaty. Still it had all been worth it, as I arrived just in time to find out that the 07:30 ferry had been cancelled, owing to the fact that the waves were coming up over the storm barriers of the port, making docking impossible.

Quite literally waiting for my ship to come in.

Sitting in the (blessedly air-conditioned) port building, rumours of a number of alternative methods off the island began to circulate. These included: a hydrofoil; a private yacht; and light aircraft, but alas a lack of: seats; opulent wealth; and a desire to fly in a deathtrap through a tropical storm, soon put paid to these. In the end there was a lull, and the ferry was able to dock, much to everyone’s release. In fact one chap was so happy about it that he insisted on playing a pair of castanets for the duration of the 7-hour boat tide back to Tokyo, magic.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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2 Responses to At the Mercy of the Rumour Mill and the Magic of Castanets: Monday 18th July

  1. Mike says:

    When I went two years ago, we also came back on the head of a typhoon… seems to happen a lot.

    • truehamlet says:

      Being stuck there for three days I could have lived with, the ants and the lack of a flat floor to sleep on I could not!

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