Thoughtful Teaching and a Gradual Improvement: Thursday 28th July

Whilst I am not always convinced about the method that is employed at our language school, I have nothing but unbridled admiration for our teachers. As well as being very good at their job, they appear to genuinely care about our development and general well being. This afternoon I received a call from one of my teachers, asking if everything was okay, as I had seemed a bit down this week. Explaining that I have just been feeling a bit tired as of late (mainly caused by my brain feeling like it is going to explode with every new word that I ‘learn’), I thanked him for his concern and reminded myself again how lucky I am to be taught by the kind of teacher who rings to check on my welfare. Well either that or he was trying to sell me a book, as in keeping with the general theme of my Japanese education, I wasn’t entirely sure.

Rie appreciated her birthday present, I think. Pretty certain that a fan is a thoughtful and non-offensive gift, but you can never be too sure.

Today was my friend Rie’s birthday, and so a group of us went to an Italian restaurant in Shinjuku to celebrate. Normally the prospect of spending any amount of time Shinjuku would be about as appealing as an afternoon lodged in Hades’ armpit, but I ended up having a great time. I think that I even managed to understand a good 30% of what was being said during the course of the meal, and none of my responses seemed to elicit any distress from the rest of the group, which is always a good sign. It may only be at a pace that even a snail would turn it’s nose up at, but by Jove I think my Japanese might just be improving.


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Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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2 Responses to Thoughtful Teaching and a Gradual Improvement: Thursday 28th July

  1. Mike says:

    I found that it went in big jumps for the first few months–at first I’d get nothing, then, for no reason whatsoever, one day I’d get 50% of a conversation and realize that I’d actually absorbed a lot more than I’d thought.

    This is a long read, but I think you’ll find it interesting. It describes the Olympic-class charades I needed to use to do a bank transfer 3 months after I came to Japan, and the total desolation resulting from the whole experience:

    • truehamlet says:

      Hah! I really enjoy that Mike. That is literally how Japanese still sounds to me, I seem to pick out the odd verb and random grammatical conjunction, but apart from that it’s all Greek!

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