Grammatical Fun and Games: Monday 8th August

I somehow managed to perform fairly admirably in last Friday’s midterm examination. However, there are obviously still a few areas that I need to brush up on, as my Sensei was intrigued as to why I had written that: ‘Shopping at home has become a possibility, ever since the increase in the price of commodities’, and even more bizarrely: ‘If you haven’t graduated then you are restricted in the amount of weight that you can loose.’ I wonder what they’ll do for entertainment in the teacher’s lounge come September, when my own graduation should result in a dramatic downturn in the amount of nonsensical Japanese at the institution.

Nerissa and I get our own back, by standing in the path of a stream of incoming pedestrians.

This afternoon Nerissa and I wandered around Shibuya and Ebisu, and I played a little game called: ‘How many times will your way be blocked by a Japanese person stopping in the middle of the street to exclaim how hot it is’. It was a fun little game, although on the way to the airport I came up with an even better one: ‘How many times will a Japanese person stop in front of a ticket machine, whilst you are rushing to get a train with a 25kg rucksack on your back and have all the stopping power of a juggernaut.’ How fun living in Japan can be.

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Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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