A Treacherous Task and Sticking Out Like a Gangrenous Thumb: Tuesday 1st November

Today at work I was helping out with the ‘Meet The Music’ project that is run by Saitama theatre, which consists of an interactive concert and practice sessions between professional musicians and students. Today we were in a middle school with a brass band, and for some unknown reason I was tasked with opening and closing the doors to welcome in the ensemble. Compared to the actual performance my task seemed like climbing Everest, as I had only really understood about half of the instructions, and so was petrified that I was about to open the doors at the worst possible time, such as when the trombonist was attempting to walk through them. However, at the last minute I was told that the doors would be left open throughout the recital, and the sense of relief that coursed through my veins was like receiving a pardon on the wall down to the gallows. I imagine.

The students are momentarily distracted from the freak that is taking this photograph.

The school itself was pretty strange, it was in the middle of nowhere, had a swimming pool which looked as though as it was last cleaned sometime in the age of enlightenment, and Cruella de Vil’ was piped through the loud speakers as the children ate their lunches. However, it appears as though none of this was as strange as the lanky mustachioed Gaijin in the maroon skintight trousers that was roaming their corridors, as everywhere I went there were audible gasps of disbelief that such a creature would be here, in their school of all places. I guess I sometimes forget that I stick out like a gangrenous thumb, but thankfully today there were over 300 kids on hand to remind me of the fact.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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