Methatheatrical Steamed Buns and Broken Lights: Tuesday 8th November

Things have taken a turn for the metatheatrical in ‘Route 99’, as it appears that it uses a play-within-a-play plot device, whilst simultaneously referencing the Gold Theatre troupe. This means that as well as pushing my Japanese to its absolute limits, my translation is forcing me to revise my knowledge of theatrical theory. I know that the pseudo-play is integral to the story arc, but I am yet to ascertain exactly why it begins with middle aged women being asked to dance more sexily by their director, although I bet it has something to do with those damned steamed buns.

Spotted in Shibuya: Surely they meant gastric?

I’m still not entirely sure what is expected of me on my work placement, but at the moment it seems to mainly consist of watching rehearsals and talking to incredibly polite pensioners, both of which are fascinating and excellent practice for my Japanese. However, some times I feel as though I should be contributing more, and it was one of these brief pangs of guilt that was flashing through my head as I attempted to fix the blinking light in one of the men’s toilets. My coworker was a little surprised when I presented her with a broken light bulb, still attached to a sizeable piece of fitting, but at least I was able to tell her where it had come from. Sadly she had called for the maintenance team before I had a chance to explain why I was holding half of the washroom’s ceiling in my hands, but I hope that my effort was appreciated; it certainly didn’t go unnoticed.


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Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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