The Most Inappropriate 2am Public Telephone Call in History and Back in the Bosom of the North: Friday 16th December

It was to be a day that was, almost inevitably, dominated by snatched clutches of half sleep in unnatural environments and uncomfortable surroundings. I managed to get around 3 hours sleep at Haneda airport, it may have been less, but I kept telling my body it was more in a bid to fool it into functioning coherently. Sadly a combination of low level lighting, non-stop elevator music, and the incessant howling of a woman next to me as she made the most inappropriate 2am public telephone call in history, all combined to make prolonged sleep a frankly impossible task.

The luxurious environs of BA World Travel Plus

At check-in I was informed that I had been upgraded to BA World Traveller Plus, which basically meant that I got a moveable headrest and a butter knife. Sadly, even in these plush surrounds, attempting to get any sleep in the journey was somewhat strenuous, my gangly frame not exactly aided by the gentleman to the right of me who kept guffawing at regular intervals throughout the flight; worryingly he didn’t appear to be making use of the in-flight entertainment system.  The girl immediately to my left was also something of a distraction, as she continued to pile on layer after layer of additional clothing; it got to the point where I feared I might have to intercede to stop her from baking alive. After a brief stopover in Heathrow I caught a plane to Manchester, and was welcomed back into the bosom of the North only to be informed that my suitcase sadly hadn’t made the connecting flight, and would be couriered to me ‘at a later date’. Good job it wasn’t snowing and I that I hadn’t put my hat, gloves and coat into my suitcase…

This blog will resume upon my return to Tokyo at the end of this month.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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