Thank You Yahoo and a Walking Eiderdown: Friday 20th January

Last night I knew that I’d be stopping at a friend’s house, and since it was a Thursday (i.e. laundry day) I had consulted Yahoo weather before hanging out my washing, as I would not be able to retrieve it until after work today. Yahoo presented me with a blazing sun and a few drops of rain, which left me hopeful that my things would have dried. Sadly, it turns out that I vastly misinterpreted that particular weather symbol, as today Tokyo was hit by a blizzard of snow in the morning, and a torrent of rain in the afternoon. I could get angry with Yahoo, but in reality I only have myself to blame, for assuming that an entire day’s weather could be reliably represented by a few pixels.

Waiting for my train the realisation that my washing was in trouble began to sink in.

Today in rehearsals they addressed an issue that had been playing on my mind greatly, namely that the Japanese actors are all far too skinny. This is fine for Hamlet and Laertes, but I had always assumed Polonius to be a man of considerable girth. And so it was that halfway through one of the scenes, the director called proceedings to a halt and started shouting for futons to be brought onto the set. There then followed a mad dash by the props department, and moments later 7 or 8 futons had been thrown onto the stage (including one which looked like it had just been bought by a member of the cast, rather than being an actual prop), and were then gaffer taped to poor Polonius, until he represented not so much a man of considerable girth as a walking eiderdown. The fact that he had to be helped to sit down by five stage hands means that the outfit probably needs a bit of tinkering before the start of the run.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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