A Medicinal Cure For All Ailments and Embracing the Capitalist Spirit: Thursday 9th February

Given yesterday’s safety talks, it was somewhat inevitable that someone would today fall through one of the trapdoors. The first time this happened it was more a case of one of the female actors tripping on her heels downs a couple of the stairs, and she soon recovered after the ‘spray’ was sent for. The second incident was a bit more serious however, with one of the actors conspiring to fall through the stage head first; she can’t have been too badly hurt though, as her first words when she stood up were ‘Sorry for causing a scene’. Once more the ‘spray’ was sent for, and once more a seemingly swift recovered ensued, leading me to the logical conclusion that a Japanese pharmaceutical company have somehow managed to develop a medicinal cure for all ailments, and have now set up a theatre company as a means of testing it on humans during product development.

What all women want this White Day: a brassiere made out of cake.

One of the constants throughout my time in Japan has been the over-eagerness to advertise the commercial aspect of upcoming festivities. ‘White Day’ (on which men give presents to the women who have bought them gifts on Valentine’s Day, but only the one’s they like) is by its very nature a commercial venture, but being as it is not celebrated until March 14th, I was somewhat surprised to see the streets of Tokyo already festooned with advertisements alluding to its importance; we haven’t even had Valentine’s Day yet! Maybe I should just stop being so shocked and instead try to embrace the capitalist spirit, February is perhaps a little too early to be buying Christmas cards, but I’m sure that a couple of fireworks and some Parkin are entirely appropriate.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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