The Man From the Gas Board and a Valuable Lesson in the Art of Bargaining: Wednesday 7th March

The gas in my apartment mysteriously decided to start working again, literally five minutes before the man from the gas board came round to fix the problem. When I opened the door to him though, and began to apologize for the pointlessness of his visit, he already seemed to know that everything was back to normal. This meant that one of two things had happened: either he had broken into my house, found the elusive gas meter and fixed the problem; or the issue had been wider felt than first thought (e.g. repairs to a gas pipe etc.), and had since been dealt with. I hope it was the latter of the two, but the twinkle in the gasman’s eye as he waved goodbye seemed to indicate that he knew exactly what I was hiding in my sock drawer (namely the diamanté Bolo tie which is still waiting for its debut outing).

Finally, a drink that I like that has been available to buy for longer than a couple of weeks!

With just over a week and a half to go until I move out of the flat, I have managed to sell most of my furniture by advertising on Craig’s list. However, some items still refuse to budge, and so I decided to take a small floor table and my stovetop coffee maker to the recycle shop in Shimokitazawa and try and sell them there. My only mistake was in telling the owner – who took a sharp intake of breath and looked on with reckless abandon as I asked her if she wanted any of my wares – that I would happily take anything for them, even ¥100 (~80p). Unsurprisingly I was then offered ¥100 for each of the items, but having lugged them all the way down there I was loath to return home without sealing the deal. I thus departed with ¥200 and a valuable lesson in the art of bargaining: the application of restraint.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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