David Esteban and Leaving Saitama: Sunday 18th March

This morning I succeeded in selling almost all of my remaining items, although not without incident. Dave came to pick up the stoven and vacuum cleaner at around 10 am, and after helping him carry it downstairs I has a bit of a chat with him and wished him on his way, it wasn’t until afterwards when I was checking our previous correspondence that I realised his name was actually Esteban. Next up was the sofa, which I had to convince the buyer was the same as the one I had advertised, before I carried it over a mile to their house. I gave up waiting for the bloke who wanted to buy my Kotatsu, leaving it outside my house with instructions to post the money through my letterbox. After this Yuko and I carried most of my remaining luggage to her house in Tsukishima, as well as the large floor chair and other items that she had requested from my apartment. At least we only had to change trains the two times, and it wasn’t too long before the feeling returned in my arms and legs.

Here I am in the now classic 'Carrying more than my body weight in furniture and other items' pose.

Tonight I had a farewell dinner with my colleagues from Saitama theatre, at an Izakaya in Yonohonmachi. It was a really fantastic evening, and whilst I was forced to pull out every bit of Japanese that I knew (and didn’t quite know) in order to keep the constant barrage of questions at bay, I was very touched that such a wonderful event had been organised in my honour. I also received a rather large number of presents, including crew T-shirts and jackets for all of the shows that I had been involved in, a lovely gesture from a genuinely delightful group of people, which will serve as a lasting memory for all of my wonderful experiences at the theatre.


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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