Fried Bread and Special Cards: Tuesday 10th April

The diet that we have been subsisting on here in Russia (when we haven’t had access to a soviet-era oven) has been exceptionally varied, consisting of fried bread, bread that’s been fried, and objects battered and then deep fried. It is a miracle that the majority of Russians that we see are not just not obese, but are incredibly svelte. Obviously they have mastered the combined arts of restraint and rapid digestion, skills that I am sadly yet to acquire, the result of which being that my insides now resemble a Scottish Fish and Chip shop.

Special Cards.

This evening Josh and I boarded yet another train, an overnighter from Yekaterinburg to Vladimir; a journey which would take us to within 200 km of Moscow. Unfortunately we had left Josh’s trusty deck of cards in the youth hostel. Fortunately I had a spare set that my mum had bought me for Christmas. Unfortunately they happened to be double sized, printed with childish images of the planets, and were almost certainly developed as an educational tool for children with deep-burning social issues. Fortunately we were able to laugh about this, as the chance of anyone wanting to inspect these cards in detail was non-existent. Unfortunately this was not actually the case, as within 90 minutes of the 22 1/2 hour journey someone had asked to borrow our cards. Fortunately they only wanted to borrow them for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately this was almost certainly due to the fact that we were now looked upon as sociopaths by our fellow passengers.


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Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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