Rummaging Through Skips and the Smell of Childhood: Thursday 12th April

Today Josh and I split our time equally between wandering through the beautiful streets and churches of Suzdal, and constructing apparatus necessary for tonight’s BBQ. Whilst the former involved gazing wistfully at lovingly crafted onion domes and Arabic themed citadels, the later involved traipsing through bins looking for bits of wire so that Josh could make a ‘frying pan’. In the end he was able to construct a fairly impressive effort from some aluminium foil and the metal support rods of the foundations of a house, but our efforts were almost in vain, as once again ‘Mr. Go the extra mile’, was extremely peeved at having to get up from the computer (which by using meant that us, the guests, were denied access) to help us out.

A feast fit for a (constantly rebuked and patronised) king.

Thankfully I managed to convince our host that we needed to eat to live, and he even provided us with an axe, although the head was very suspiciously loose. Learning from last night’s failures, tonight we simply wrapped the jacket potatoes in aluminium foil, whilst using Josh’s dying pan to cook the burgers. Accompanying this feast were some steamed vegetables (cooked in an aluminium purse) and some hard boiled eggs (done inside the empty large tins of sweetcorn), whilst for desert we had bananas stuffed with chocolate (again baked on the BBQ using aluminium foil). The smell of the desert caused Josh to remark that it reminded him of childhood, and with the constant surveillance from our Russian friend one was certainly left feeling infantile, especially when I was told off for using the wrong toilet (apparently the one in the common room is in fact not for common use)!


About truehamlet

Sam is a senior lecturer in Science Communication, who researches the different ways in which media such as poetry and film can be used to communicate science to new audiences.
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