Moo Moo and Real Russian Cuisine: Saturday 21st April

After an amount of sleep that I have not been accustomed to for the past few years, we were up and (just about) functioning, trying to make ourselves look presentable for my Russian friend Yulia, who with her boyfriend Farhat had kindly agreed to meet up with us and show us around Moscow for the day. First up was a visit to Catherine Palace in the South suburbs of the city, an incredibly ornate castle and gardens which we strolled around leisurely for a while before heading off to My-My (pronounced Moo-Moo) for a bite to eat. This upmarket Russian cafeteria provided hearty-looking food in healthily sized portions, which was just what the doctor had ordered for some of the more fragile members of our group, even if my continued insistence to pronounce the name of the eatery phonetically somewhat detracted from the cow-theme that appeared to be going on.

My Oh My

After lunch we headed for a walk down by the monastery on the river, where we were able to observe the Russian tradition of ‘driving miles from the wedding venue to get snaps in a pristine and idyllic environment), before heading off to Yulia’s for dinner. It is safe to say that the meal Yulia cooked for us is the best food that we have eaten since arriving in Russia, but then considering some of our meals have literally been a bag of hamburger meat cooked in kettle, I am not sure if this is offering that much of a compliment. At any rate, it was the perfect end to what has been an incredible trip; I can’t believe that we are flying back to the UK tomorrow!


About truehamlet

Hello! I am a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication. My current research involves looking at ways in which science can be used to empower society. In particular I use poetry and games to help establish dialogue between scientists and non-scientists.
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