About the ‘Author’

Sam often finds these ‘about me’ pages a bit of a chore, not to mention rather difficult to set the correct tone for. In his opinion it is very difficult to construct a meaningful paragraph or two about oneself that gives an interesting insight into the author’s life, without seeming to appear trite, abrasive, or indeed severely narcissistic. But, being Sam, he will attempt to give it a go. Sam moved to Tokyo at the end of September 2010, on a scholarship that allows him to study Japanese, and pursue his latent ambition to be a playwright. As well as having this rather forbearing pipe dream that carries before him in the style of an well-rehearsed, cliché ridden monologue, Sam has a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics and a grand unified theory that involves teaching, theatre, climate change, and two unified bodies lying motionless in a field somewhere. As you can probably tell by now, Sam’s main joy in life is writing about himself in the third person. This is why he got into the theatre in the first place, not for the fame adulation, or success that is ultimately beyond his reach, but for the opportunity to regularly write about himself in this perspective. He hopes that you enjoy his blog, and that it gives you an insight into what it is like being a neurotic Northern lad, past his prime, in the Far Far East.


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